Boldness. Excellence. Vision.

These are the guiding principles
behind Venture Promotions

A true believer in change and evolution,
as Art Director and owner of Venture Promotions,
I observe, “Everything can be reinvented
in a new way using type, color, and design.”

For each and every client, we aspire
to create something totally unique
and specifically tailored to their needs.
The constant goal is to help represent
a clarity to the public and your targeted audiences.

A Well-Honed Process

No matter the client, whatever their
marketing or promotional needs,
I devote the time to get to the core
of the business and learn just what
it is that makes them exceptional.

We at Venture Promotions strive
to enlighten our clients and show them
how to how and why they’re different,
and how they should be promoting themselves
so they can begin to stand out
in their respective fields.

A Creative Journey!

Dice Garcia, Art Director

Dice Garcia